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A Customer's True Worth For Your Business

It is said that a single customer is actually worth more than the one sale. Why is this so? This is because once a customer buys from you, there is a high chance that he or she is going to buy from you again, and again...and again. This is provided if they had a pleasant experience with you product or service the first time round.

That is why an existing customer is always good to still keep around and continue to maintain relations with if possible.

Plus, retaining a customer is always cheaper than actually trying to obtain a new one. In fact, a retaining customer is 5 times cheaper than trying to obtain a new one. That means retaining customers have the potential of increasing your profits because expenditure is lessened.

So now you know that retaining a customer is a good thing for your business, but just how do you keep them coming back?

Once the buying is done, don't treat your customer like a done deal and let him/her on his way. Since it's obvious they trust you enough to buy from you the first time, this is the perfect time to get to know your customers a little better by building better relations with them.

There is no shortcut or an easier way around this. To get to know them better, it has to be on a personal level. From there you can understand better, their wants, their needs, their likes, their dislikes.

When you connect with people on a more personal level, they tend to open up more towards you thus you will get to learn more about them. From there, you can use the information you gain to improve aspects of your business, all the way from your website or design, to your product or the service you are providing.

There is always room for improvement for a business and a customer's opinion, feedback or suggestion can sometimes prove to be a very good guide.

There are many ways to obtain feedback from a customer. And there is no better time to do that than now. So start researching what is the best way to extract the information from your customers. One of the best and widely used ways of extracting such information from customers is the use of surveys.

But for the survey to be really effective you have to offer incentives for your customers to undertake the survey. You have to give them a personal benefit or gain for participating in the survey. That way, you can have more data to work with.

The method of offering incentives is necessary because customers do not see the survey as a means which can benefit them in the long run. They do not realize it is actually for their own benefit perhaps because the benefits are not immediate to them.

What they do see is a just a form asking questions which very much resembles an exam. This can leave a sour taste in many people's mouths. So by offering them an incentive, it can be a sort of motivation and a reward. Leave a link at the end of the survey for them to download like say a free e-book or such.

There is really no big secret here actually. At the end of the day, when you want your customers to stick around, it all comes to building relationships with them and then maintaining it. It's also very much a 2 way street and when get to know them, they will get to know you in return.

When the time comes that they want or need something, you will be the very person they will think of.

Customers who have a good experience of a product or service that they have purchased are always more than willing to share their pleasant experiences. So when they have a good experience with your business, they will surely spread the word and recommend it to their friends.

And word really does get around on the internet. Just a single talking about your business on their social network page, will be seen by hundreds or thousands of people at the same time. This is free and positive publicity right there and for any online business owner, they couldn't ask for something better.

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